Evidence-based support for breastfeeding and families

They call me “The Boob Geek,” and my passion is providing evidence-based support for breastfeeding and families. I offer in-home lactation support, as well as prenatal and postpartum doula services, in the Twin Cities metro area. I can help your family transition to its new normal.

Tiny people, big changes

It is one of the biggest jokes Mother Nature plays on us. Introducing a tiny person (or two or three or more tiny people) into our hearts and homes is one of the most difficult things we do as humans. How can such a small creature mess up our lives so much? But joy comes hand-in-hand with the turmoil a new baby kicks up in its wake, and employing a postpartum doula during the “fourth trimester” (the first three months after a baby is born) can give you more time and energy to experience that joy.

What is a postpartum doula, and why should I hire one?

By now, most of us know what a birth doula is – someone who provides a caring, strong presence during birth to help ease a baby’s way into the world. Think of a postpartum doula as the same, but easing the way for an entire family.

A postpartum doula helps mothers heal from childbirth and gives parents time to get to know their new babies. Older siblings benefit from the doula’s presence as well, as there’s another adult to provide attention and reassurance and someone to hold the new baby while the older children reconnect with mom or dad. A postpartum doula’s tasks range from the emotionally supportive (talking about the feelings associated with giving birth and becoming a parent) to the practical (cooking dinner while mom and baby nap, washing diapers and baby clothes). What it all comes down to is support for everyone in the family to ease the transition to becoming one.

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